We are a internet based Extratone/Speecore/Noise label.

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1000+ 30 Develop your Extratone

Mega Link

Archive DL

After a year or so of relative inactivity and reflection on the state of the extratone movement. We are finally proud to release the final item of our myspace era: questionable quality extratone experience.

22 tracks of varying volume, speed, head range and intensity make for a more than fitting end to this period of extended extratone obsession.

I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to all the producers who have been a part of 1000+ to this point. And, I hope you will all join us again for the future of the extratone existence.

Extermination Recordings

Extermination Recordings is run by 1000+ favourite Pirtek and features some great releases that fans of the 1000+ associated style should really enjoy. Here are the links to the first 5 releases!






After an almost silent 2013. 1000+ is finally getting ready to release the long anticipated split of some its favourite artists. We are also looking to expand and grow with new talents, new sounds and a stronger platform ethic. Thanks for waiting for us. Greetz 2014 - 1000+.

[SK065] Neocoretex - ‘Om’

"Experimental ‘extradrone’, evolutionary frequencies and flashes of dark psychedelic chaos meet blackened gutturals, ancient whispers and traditional Tibetan-inspired throat singing on this unique fusion of the archaic and the futuristic."

- Splatterkore

Click to DL zip

Check out Splatterkore

[SWAN-013] Various Artists - EXTRATONE Sampler Vol. 1 (Simple… But POWERFUL)

Splendid compilation from the awesome Speedcore Worldwide label.


1000 Plus 32 - Licho - EXTRATONE FUNky

We are proud to present to you a 5 track ep from new 1000+ family member Licho from Poland! This is really abrasive & quite pure tones coupled with interesting sample work to create a nice lo-Fi extratone listening experience. The speeds of the tracks are really quite fast and very well suited to the 1000+ style & catalogue.


1000 Plus - Release Guidelines


Whilst we are primarily an extratone label (3600bpm - 1,200,000bpm) we will accept tracks from 1000bpm upwards and you’re always welcome to add one speedcore or noise track to your release.

While you make your tracks you MUST dress as either a Dinosaur or a Clown. You can use the internet to help you with this if you’re unsure as to how you should look.

Content wise I will not accept lazy plunderphonics tracks, mash ups or anything under 1000bpm.

I won’t accept tracks related to extreme perversion, racism, fur faggotry or child exploitation either.

Audio Spec:

You have to master your own tracks. You can make them soft,delicate and airy or clip them into the solar system. I have no preference. Quality is not an issue here. We are as consistent as the weather. If you still need further advice on this we can help you. So, just get in touch.

We will accept mp3’s or wavs and only release in mp3. If you really want to listen extratone in great quality you should make some yourself, or ask the artist.


My personal preference is that you use beautiful Women from your Country of Birth.

However, you’re free to use pretty much anything you want and in any resolution. As long as it doesn’t contain porn, gore, copyrighted or other offensive material.

We can also make a cover for you if you wish.


Please contact us here through tumblr or through telepathy.

Loffciamcore & TMCDE - Extratone Trash Gangbang - 1000 Plus 31

Split of supreme quality from Polish superstars Loffciamcore & TMCDE. Really nice speedcore/extratone tracks with some nice distorted noise work involved. As always download the whole item and turn it up to the max.


1000+ 30 is the next VA. I will make an announcement regarding this pretty soon.

The Birth of Extratone - Einrich 3600bpm

Einrich 3600bpm has given me his blessing to post these very important videos regarding the birth of the extratone music. These are highly important to all artists on this label, or in fact any artists attempting to create extratone works, as they contain the formula for the sound extratone. 

Nowadays YouTube and soundcloud are full of tracks that claim to be extratone. When in reality they are only speedcore or noisecore. This I believe is due to a lack of easily available information pertaining to what extratone actually is. Hopefully by making this information more accessible, we will all have a better understanding of what is - and - what is not extratone. 

This label (1000 plus) exists to diffuse via the internet only extratone and extratone style speedcore or noisecore. Please take into consideration the information and sounds presented here before submitting anything for release. 

Lastly I want to thank Einrich 3600bpm for his blessing to post these videos and for his revolutionary contribution to music. Without him we would not be here today.

Hardest Regards 1000+ 2012 ©

1000 + 29 microorganismz - anthropomorphic body bag

Debut on 1000+ for my bro microorganismz. Super fast, super harsh - you know how 1000+ get down.